The Journey Is Underway!

It is surreal to think that I am in Paris, France, typing this post with bright sunshine all around, while knowing that it is 4:00 a.m. back home in Southaven, MS.

The 8 and a half hour flight on Air France was not as bad as I feared, mainly because I was fortunate enough to snag an exit row, with unlimited leg room and a wide open space in front of me. I didn’t feel closed in or cramped at all…but the chances of me getting that seat again are probably not good.


The food on the flight was interesting for someone like me. I ate some crackers with the French words “aux olives” on the front. I hate olives but took a chance on these and they were quite good, actually. The meal was Chicken Fricasee or Parmesan. I chose the chicken, and again it was quite good. Even the bed of rice with salmon and little bits of red peppers (I think), was tasty. I figured if I’m going to see the world, that I ought to taste some of its fare as well.

Fruit for breakfast and a muffin topped it all off. Then I needed to walk it all off. I got my chance. We landed in Paris, took a bus, and then walked for what seemed like forever through the Charles De Gaulle airport, on our way to our flight to Athens. We got to the gate so early they would not let us go through security just yet, so we went to a little cafe where I was anxious to find a Diet Coke. I found a Pepsi Max for I can’t remember how many euros, but the man kept telling me 6 dollar, 8 dollar. I settled for six and enjoyed every priceless drop.



I am enjoying the opportunity to get to know the group. There are about 20 of us on the trip and we are already bonding together.


I miss my family but am so thrilled to have this opportunity to improve my Bible knowledge. I can’t wait to tell my family, my church family, and my MSOP family all about it!

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