From Paris To Athens

The Flight

Well, any hopes I had for another great seat on another long flight were dashed when I ended up in the very last row in the aisle seat right next to the only bathrooms on the plane. This created longer lines than you’ve ever seen at the Department of Motor Vehicles. There was a steady stream of passengers lining up. Everytime I started to try to catch up on some zzzz’s, someone would lean all their weight on my chair and jolt me into full awareness. Cramped conditions and an ice cold meal with entrees which I still cannot identify made this flight less pleasant than the previous one—but wait a minute—reality check. I am headed to Athens, Greece, not to mention Corinth. Time to quit complaining and start rejoicing at my many blessings.

Arrival In Athens

It was very interesting to walk into the airport in Athens and to see all the Greek letters in a place other than the New Testament.

Greek Letters--But Not In My New Testament

I even understood some of the Greek I was reading.

Can You Find The Word Exodus On This Sign?

A Sermon Idea In The Athens Airport

Sermon ideas are all around us, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of an advertisement in the Athens Airport. I have never seen a more appropriate name for Beer than the one below.

What An Accurate Name For Beer. It is certainly full of myths.

The Mystery Traveler?

In the Sunday afternoon meeting before we left on our trip I joined in (via the internet) on an informational meeting conducted by tour leader, brother Tony Lawrence. He made mention during the meeting of a mystery traveler, and then proceeded to walk over and turn the sound down so that I could not hear what was going on. I wondered if it were possible that my wife Tish could be the mystery traveler. She had wanted to go on the trip but the trip started during the last week of her school responsibilities. I wondered if she might be planning to meet me later in the trip.

When we arrived in Athens there was a woman holding up a sign with the name of our tour group upon it. As I looked to my right I saw a sign with my name on it, covering the face of an unidentified male. When he pulled the sign away from his face I knew who the mystery traveler was. It was…

The Mystery Traveler!

My good friend and brother, and former co-worker, Sean Hochdorf. Sean works in Arusha, Tanzania as the Dean of Students at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. He met us in Athens so that he could enjoy the trip, and his coming certainly increased my joy as well.

Athens at Sunset

We arrived at the Park Hotel and enjoyed a delicious meal on the 8th floor. What a view. From our dining area we could see the Acropolis in Athens off in the distance.

The Acropolis In Athens--At A Distance

and a beautiful sunset…

Athens at Sunset

A Much Needed Night of Sleep

After dinner, Sean and I tried to sit in the lobby and do some catching up, but I kept falling asleep. We both agreed that we needed a good night’s sleep.

In my next post, I will report on the amazing day we had today in seeing Corinth and Athens. It is almost midnight here in Athens, (8 hours ahead of CST). In the morning we will leave to board a ship in order to sail the Aegean Sea and visit some of the ports and places Paul visited on his missionary journeys.

I am so moved and motivated by what we saw today that it is hard for me to shut this down and go to bed, but it was a long and physically demanding day for all, especially those of us who walked more today in one day than in a couple of years combined. Anyway, Good night to all, and may God bless you as much as I feel blessed right now.

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