From Corinth Back To Athens

Out To Sea

We arose early in the morning and left our hotel in Athens to travel to the Port of Pieres, located on the coast of the Aegean Sea.
Arriving At The Port Of Pieres

There were tons and tons of people clustered together in different groups, headed for different cruise ships, just trying to keep track of everyone’s luggage.

How Do The Greeks Interpret Eis?

Look above at the Greek word on the left and then look at the translation of this Greek word on the right hand side of the sign. If you look at the first three letters of the Greek word on the left, you will see the Greek word eis. This is significant because the word eis is the word used in Acts 2:38 in the phrase “For the remission of sins.” The lexicons of NT Greek indicate that eis means “toward” or “to reach an unreached end.” Thus, those on Pentecost were told that “to reach the unreached end of remission of sins, you should repent and be baptized in order to enter into this state of forgiveness.”
Denominationalists, who deny that baptism is essential for the remission of sins, have argued for years that the word eis in Acts 2:38 means “because you have already received remission of sins you should be baptized to show it to the world.” However, both NT Greek and modern Greek clearly indicate that eis conveys the idea of “entering into” a thing or place.

Boarding The Cruise Ship For 3 Days and 2 Nights

Boarding The Cruise Ship For 3 Days and 2 Nights

After making it through security, which is less intense than airline security, we boarded the AquaMarine for a 3 day and 2 night cruise on the Aegean Sea, with a number of scheduled excursions to islands nearby where Paul is known to have visited. The pictures below are all related to life on the cruise ship.

On Board The Aquamarine

My roommate for the trip, Willard Dunlap.
This photo was taken inside our room on board the AquaMarine

Just In Case

Returning From Orientation—Just In Case!

First Pictures After Launch

First Pictures After Launch

Seasickness Waiting To Happen!

Basketball at sea? Sounds like a sure way to get seasick!

Our Excursion To Mykonos
One of the islands we took a ferry boat to was the island of Mykonos. While there is not explicit mention of Paul having visited the island, a couple of things bear mentioning here. Pictured below is a Greek Orthodox Church on the island of Mykonos.

Just One Of 365 Churches on the island of Mykonos

While inside we watched as a woman walked in and lit a candle,

Candles Lit In Greek Orthodix Church

After lighting her candles, she began crying and started kissing every picture in the small church building. It was heartbreaking to see her allegiance to a religion that is never mentioned in the Scriptures. It reminded me of the need for Gospel preachers in places all over this world.

Is It Real Or Is It Fake?

Would You Pet This Cat?

Believe it or not, there is a connection between this picture and the previous one. While shopping for souvenirs on Mykonos, I came across this cat resting comfortably upon a pile of rugs. Look at the cat more carefully. Is this a real cat or a fake? It looked so real that everyone who walked by examined it closely to see if it was really real. It looked so real, and yet was not the real thing. It was only a facsimile of a real cat.

Likewise, some religions may seem so real to the casual observer, but upon closer inspection the religion may be proven to be a fake. We cannot afford to only glance at our faith. We must inspect it to see whether the things we believe are genuinely so (Acts 17:11).

Sunset On Mykonos

Don't Tell Me There Is No God!

There Is A God In Heaven (Psa. 19:1;Dan. 2:28)!

In my next post I will discuss our visits to Rhodes and Lindos, and possibly Ephesus. There is plenty more to come, and the sites just get better and better.

Love and prayers,


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